About The Geografreak

15 Apr

Hello!  My name is Janelle Rominski and I adore traveling.  I love it so much, I call myself “The Geografreak”.  Exploring the earth, its features, and people is what I live for.

Another passion of mine is photography.  I am most proud of my travel photos and enjoy sharing my images of the world to family, friends and fellow travel enthusiasts.  Several of my travel photos have been published.

I consider myself to be an edgy traveler with sophistication.  I have spent weeks in the slums of Africa and Mexico on mission trips.  I have also wined and dined on the ocean at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Maui and various Sandals Resorts all over the Caribbean.

On this site, you’ll get to experience my travel adventures through blogging and photos.  I will also be posting reviews from hotels and tourist activities.

If you wish to have your hotel, resort or activity reviewed, please contact Janelle at JanelleRominski@gmail.com.


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